Life Coach & Counselling

In-clinic sessions

Come see us in person at one of our wellness clinics, located in South Surrey BC or Calgary NW AB

remote sessions

Enjoy counselling and coaching on the go as we offer our sessions remotely via zoom or phone

Services Provided

One to One Counselling

$190/1 hr session

The primary objective for a counsellor is to help clients achieve their personal goals, and gain greater insight into their lives. The main counselling goals are to change unwanted behaviours, enhance coping skills, promote decision making, improve relationships and to facilitate client potential.  One hopes that by the end of this process one will be more satisfied with his or her life

One To One Life Coaching

$190/1 hr session

Primary objective for a Life Coach is to enhance ones quality of life through a program of action and to make positive and lasting changes to enhance health. Our Life Coaches encourage clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges and goal setting

Group therapy with the family

$190/1 hr session

We work with families to address all family issues and relationships, communication patterns and interaction between family members.  We then come up with a plan of action that will enable family wellness.  This may be to continue group sessions with the family or move into individual sessions, reverting back to group sessions at the end.


Addictions Recovery Program $1800

A comprehensive 10 session/10hr total full recovery program provided by Gobind Wellness certified staff who specialize in the drug & alcohol use field. Our staff members are professional counsellors & life coaches who have a deep understanding of the disease, through their own personal experiences and education, and know the requirements of a successful recovery program

Family support services provided as well.

Recommended for individuals who are looking to quit substances BUT who are not yet daily drinkers/users and do not require detox.

"Extended" Addictions Recovery Program $5500

An intensive 30 hour, 10 day in-person addictions recovery program with Bobby Bains. Includes a combination of counselling, coaching and daily support meetings. Bobby will fly out anywhere in Canada and stay with the client until he/she is able to resume life independently, while being sober. Clients will be setup with an aftercare plan that ensures sobriety after Bobby leaves. Clients will be introduced to a sustainable routine, the most relevant meetings and a fellowship. This extended program is intended for those who cannot stay a day sober from alcohol/drugs and need further support than the standard 10 session recovery program.

Family support services provided as well.

Recommended for individuals who are looking to quit substances AND are daily drinkers/users and require detox.

Intervention $700

An intervention can help someone see their problem with substances when other methods fail. The process is as follows: 1. Call our center to setup a date and time (2-3hrs). 2. Provide us with the necessary information & facts on the client’s addiction. 3. Create a plan of action and a communication pathway for the family & friends to express their concerns & impacts of the client’s addiction. 4. Set clear boundaries and consequences if the client chooses not to change. 5. Presentation of our Recovery Program.

Wellness Program $1400

An 8 session wellness program that is designed for you to have a transformational experience and completely shift your mind’s focus to a path that entails internal happiness, contentment, stability and efficiency. This program is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, and to promote personal growth and development.

"Extended" Wellness Program $5500

An intensive 30 hour or more, 10 day in-person Wellness program with Bobby Bains. Includes a combination of counselling, coaching and daily hikes, yoga, workouts or walks. Bobby will fly out anywhere in Canada/US and stay with the client (3-4hrs per day) until he/she is able to resume life with a positive mental outlook. Clients will be setup with an aftercare plan that ensures wellness and a sustainable routine after Bobby leaves.

This extended program is intended for those who are experiencing severe anxiety and/or depression and need further support than the standard 8 session wellness program.

Anger Management Program - A Pathway to Healthier Relationships $1000

6 session program encompasses all components of a healthy relationship and anger management. Participants will also learn of the various types of abuse, destructive behaviors and negative thinking patterns that impact all realms of their wellness. Managing anger and being in control of negative emotions is a power that can be harnessed through the completion of this program.

common questions

You can either book directly from the booking link located at the top main menu of our website or call our customer service desk at 778-868-0468.

Unfortunately, we do not do direct billing.  You will need to contact your insurance provider to see if our services are covered and if they will reimburse you for your paid session.

Clients are to pay for their sessions first and then submit their receipts afterwards.

All sessions are to be prepaid at the time of booking.

Individual sessions are $190/ 1 hr session either in person or via zoom/phone.

Program costs vary and can be found under the service cost page.

Surrey, BC

15300 Croydon Dr
Suite 300, Surrey, BC
V3Z 0Z5, Canada

Calgary, AB

600 Crowfoot Crescent NW
Suite 340, Calgary, AB
T3G 0B4, Canada

As long as you provide us with 24hr notice, you are eligible for a full refund or appointment re schedule on individually paid sessions only.

For any Gobind Wellness “program enrollment,” clients have the opportunity to request a refund on any outstanding sessions in that program, provided that a 24hr notice is given from the time of booking.  Any program cancellation requests after the 24hr booking window will not be eligible for any refund.