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Gobind Wellness counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with mental health issues of addiction, anxiety, depression or personal growth & development. Our team consists of Counselors as well as certified Life Coaches. We are located in Surrey BC & Calgary AB


Life Coach/Counselor

Our Life Coaches and clinical Counsellors work with their clients to help them overcome mental health issues, achieve goals and make transformational changes or shifts in their lives.

All Gobind Wellness Counsellors & Life Coaches have specific training in dealing with the various mental health issues. We help our clients to search for solutions to their problems from within.

Addiction Recovery Program

An addictions recovery program of 30 hours, 10 days consecutive with Bobby Bains. Includes a combination of counselling, coaching and daily support meetings. Bobby will fly out anywhere in Canada/US and stay with the client until he/she is able to resume life independently, while being sober.

24/7 support provided to help clients successfully walk through their emotions and cravings as they are in them. Intervention, Family support & counselling included as well.

Wellness Program

An 8 session wellness program that is designed for you to have a transformational experience and completely shift your mind’s focus to a path that entails internal happiness, contentment, stability and efficiency.

This Program specifically helps individuals who are looking to overcome Anxiety, Depression or Trauma and experience Personal Growth & Development.

Areas of Focus


Alcoholism is a disease that centers in the mind rather than the bottle. Substances are rather a person’s “solution” or “coping mechanism” and are used to deal with mental irritability, restlessness, discontentment and even boredom. The real solution to alcoholism is self work and a completely new positive experience, making sobriety fun and rewarding. To gain this experience I would suggest trying our addiction rehab program that is carried out 1-1 by an addiction counselor.


Depression and anxiety can be generally characterized by “the obsession of the mind”. The mind has a tendency of getting stuck in worrying about the future (anxious/anxiety) or dwelling on the past (depression). The primary issue being the lack of control one feels over life itself (primarily on external factors). Everyone will feel depressed or anxious in life, whether it be due to life changes, bad experiences, trauma and/or worrying about future events. The problem is becoming stuck in these feelings and not having the ability to push through and grow out of them. Working with a Counselor or a Life Coach will get you through these barriers.


To address Mental Health issues, like depression, and truly EXPERIENCE Health & Wellness, you must address the ROOT causes of the problem! This is a world of past traumas/experiences, resentments, fears, ego, control and attachments. Temporary solutions, like medications and substances, only work for so long before your roots grow the same problem. If you are done with feeling depressed in life, then I encourage you to take action! Don’t further put your trust in things that have not worked in the past. Chances are if it didn't work yesterday, it won't work tomorrow. Change occurs when you try something new! Try our 8 session wellness program that is designed for you to have a transformational experience and completely shift your mind’s focus to a path that entails internal happiness, contentment, stability and efficiency. This program is specifically designed to relieve the symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, and to promote personal growth and development.

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Personal Growth & Development

Life is an investment, what you do today will affect your tomorrow. The most important thing you can do in this lifetime is invest in your wellbeing. Living a well balanced lifestyle allows for you to live a longer and happier life. As most believe that the outside world has the ability to produce and sustain our internal happiness, many are amazed to find out that isn’t so true, when working with Gobind Wellness. The first thing our clients learn is that “it’s an inside job!” Once working on “self” and meeting internal demands, our clients always find the happiness that they are looking for and establish a well balanced lifestyle. Past experiences, have a substantial affect and influence on ones actions, behaviors and thoughts. Core beliefs, have a substantial affect on ones emotional, social and spiritual wellness. Resentments, are the number offender when it comes to feeling irritated, restless and discontent, which is one of the main ingredients for mental health deterioration. Ego, being one of the main root causes to many mental health issues. FREE yourself from your internal barriers and experience your journey the way it’s meant to be experienced, HAPPY!

Addiction counselor specializing in alcohol and drug treatment

A Counselor Can Help

Imagine, trying to use a computer program that has other multiple programs running in the background as well. If your computer is anything like mine, the program does not run so smooth and efficiently. It is constantly being slowed down by the other programs, which nevertheless, results in a funnel effect for processing information.

The same goes for the mind. Bombarded everyday with new information to process, while having many other thoughts running in the background, will cause us to experience difficulties in focusing on the task at hand. In turn, becoming less efficient at what we are trying to accomplish.

The most common thoughts we see today that usually run in the background are; worries, fears, resentments, self- pity, finances, and/or relationships.

This is where Gobind Wellness life coach & counselling services can help. We work to close down those “other” programs, that are running in the background. Therefore, giving you the ability to focus on the tasks at hand.

Life will present challenges to all, however, facing them with a steady and efficient mind will yield success.

Whether you are trying to overcome depression, anxiety, addictions or simply trying to become more successful in your career, we can help you reach these goals.

Our hottest and most effective 10 DAY outpatient “ALCOHOL TREATMENT PROGRAM” 

“Bobby is an excellent counselor who I highly recommend. If you or your family member is struggling with addiction then you need to get in touch with Bobby. Not only is he very professional but also has a very touching personal story about overcoming addiction which makes it very easy to relate to him.

My dad struggled with alcoholism for decades and refused to see a counselor and/or get professional help however after one session with Bobby, he gained my dad’s trust and my dad willingly enrolled into the 30 hour Addiction Intensive program. Bobby also accompanied my dad to his first AA meeting which I was pleasantly surprised to see as my dad has been very resistant to seek any type of help for many years.

My family has seen many positive changes in my dad since completing the Addiction Intensive Program (which I highly recommend as well). We are currently on day 42 of sobriety for my dad and I truly think we would not have gotten this far without Bobby’s help.

We had a family session as well where Bobby coached me and my siblings on how to deal when a family member struggles with addiction. This was very helpful.

Another bonus – he speaks Punjabi which also helped in our case as English is my dad’s first language.

Again, I cannot recommend Bobby enough if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction. Just book a session with him – you will not regret it.” – Jodi R
“Bobby has helped me tremendously with my addiction. He cares deeply about each of his clients and caters his programs to fit your needs. He has taken me to the path of sobriety. Don’t hesitate just contact him as this was the best move I could have made.” – Aiden B.
“Bobby did an amazing job breaking down my addiction issues and bringing them into perspective for me. He also helped me to understand the tools I had available for me to deal with the issue. He really went above and beyond and I highly recommend anyone who is having any similar problems to try out Bobby’s programs, they will work wonders.” – Mathew R.
“Bobby was an amazing mentor to me. He helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. The approach he took as not only being a professional but also being a friend helped me open up to him. His energy and excitement made me look forward to our appointments. He has provided me with tools that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend Bobby to others struggling and needing assistance with life coaching, counselling or addiction help. He truly changed my life.” – Jasmine V.
-10 days straight (3-4hrs per day) with Me
-combination of Counselling, Coaching and daily AA meetings
-“Family Day!” The last day is designed to reintegrate the client back with his/her family with a deep understanding of the aftercare plan. Family members also have the opportunity to voice out how the clients disease has impacted there relationship and what they would like to see going forward.
3 Reasons why we recommend our Outpatient Recovery Program rather than Inpatient Treatment Centers
1. Much lower costs and we have statistically lower relapse rates
2. You work on yourself and your triggers as you are in them. We help you learn to live life as it comes and teach you how to cope emotionally with the challenges in your life as opposed to being separated from them and then all of the sudden put back into them after treatment.
3. You get to continue with your home and work routine as you work our program, becoming aware of the responsibilities and enjoyments of life at the same time.
Gobind Wellness
Alcohol treatment program

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"I worked with Bobby Bains over a few weeks for some counselling work I needed. Bobby is a tremendous counsellor that really tries to understand each individual and provide thought provoking questions and suggestions. He helped transform my life in a 1 month span, where my best days are yet to come. I am a better version of myself today than I ever could have imagined. I am not back to my old self, but the best version of my new self. Thank you to Bobby Bains and Gobind Wellness."

- Hiten A

A wonderful experience. Bobby guides you through a worthwhile life changing process. The journey has definitely taken me to a higher place of self awareness and contentment in my life. I would caution anyone to stay with the program through its entirety as it may take a few sessions before the benefits are apparent. Addictions will no longer have a place in my future.

- Patrick M

"I called Bobby by accident early in November 2021 (I look back now and it was serendipity).  In a matter of 15 months I had lost 9 family members, my job and my dad.  My neighbour who was to look after my dog during the day was stealing from me and my car had been broken into.  It was just too much all at once and after taking time off from my job I lost it anyways.  Feeling sorry for myself I ended up talking to this stranger (Bobby) on the other end of the line and after the very first session of meeting him I stopped drinking.  I had been quite a heavy drinker for sometime but, he somehow changed the way I think and how I was perceiving my life and all circumstances I've been through.  I will join him in the future for other opportunities.  I can't express how very grateful I am for his compassion, knowledge, and words of wisdom.  He is a blessing for us all."

- Terry F

We all have those things within us which can impede our growth and hold us back. That darkness which can reign over the brightest days like an infinite abyss. A few of us are equipped to cope and deal with it but many like myself were not. I have struggled for several years to find some sort of solace in my life, perhaps closure for some things. Problem was, I always felt it was something I had to do alone. Bobby was there at a time when I needed an ear and a mind which could help me better cope with and maneuver through the day to day. We all need the proper tools to get through life and Bobby certainly helped me find some key ones, no doubt. Every day is a new day to grow and to better yourself, it's never too late.

- Neal M

This man changed my life.

Tonnes of experience.
Tonnes of credibility.
Very humble and very honest.

There is nobody out there who can help you more than Bobby.
Let him help you.

- Rob M

I have had prior experiences and sessions with other highly rated therapists and counsellors in the community, but none of them have come remotely close to the amount of growth, knowledge and support I received with Bobby at Gobind Wellness. I was someone who was not familiar with life coaching or spirituality, but giving this program a chance was one of the best and fulfilling decisions I have made, in which I can see the positive change in my personal and professional life, especially mentally and emotionally.
During the time of my program, I felt safe, non judged, supported, encouraged and motivated to make life changes which have done nothing, but make me into the person I always wish I could be. Even after my sessions had commenced, Bobby would check in to see how I am doing and if I needed further support, whether that was internally or externally from Gobind Wellness.
If you are hesitant for whatever reason, (like I Initially was) then I highly recommend at the very least, booking a free consult session with him to get aquatinted and learn more about what he does, since that is what sold me!
After years of struggling and being frustrated, these sessions have helped me more than I can ever express, I have never reviewed or commented on services online, but the only reason I do so, is because I wish that whoever is reading this would also receive the support and guidance that I did. Thank you to Bobby!

- Ganita W

Seeing Bobby really helped me look at life differently and allowed me to gain clarity on the issue I was dealing with at the time. Bobby was very easy to talk to and never did I feel judged when sharing my story with him. I also appreciated that he shared his own story with me too as this helped me become more comfortable with opening up. I have learned some amazing things through this program and am super grateful for the experience. I would highly recommend Bobby to anyone who needs help gaining perceptive or getting out of a cycle they feel that they are stuck in. I believe that this is one of the best decisions I have ever made and will apply what I have learned throughout my life.

- Aman G

I felt stuck and like I wasn't living to my full potential. Bobby gave me the tools to live a better life. Whether you struggle with addiction, anger, depression or just need some direction in life I would definitely recommend Bobby from Gobind Wellness.

- Steve D

I had it rough growing up as a child I suffered from all kinds of abuse, physical, mental, emotional at a young age. I had lived in poverty and violence, grew up in foster care all my life. My parents were alcoholics and never had a father figure in my life. So as a teenager and leading into a young man, I started to act out on an extreme level, skipping school getting bad grades, trafficking narcotics, drinking alot of alcohol getting kicked out of different homes all because I was hurt and angry at the world due to my past and its unsolved issues. I didn't know how to live life, I thought I was different from everybody else and that the way I felt and the negative thoughts I thought all throughout the day everyday, was normal. Before I met Bobby I continued down this dark path until I ended up living in a tent on the downtown east side of Vancouver at the age of 23. Broken and hopeless. I didn't know how to get out and eventually accepted my death down there. After meeting Bobby I decided to work with him because he had something I wanted. A happy life! Today I am free from addiction, self hatred, guilt and shame, loneliness, that uselessness I once felt is gone. I enjoy life today, I know how to handle life's situations and benifit from them, I grow everyday using the tools Gobind wellness has taught me, this guy is amazing and does incredible work, if he can help me I guarantee he can help you! Thanks again for everything Bobby I owe you my life !

- Josh M

I've worked with Bobby at Gobind wellness since sept 27 2017
I was an out going vibrant healthy guy in my youth ,had a successful business wonderful wife and kids through my twenties,
as the years went on I found myself thinking much about my rough experiences growing up in a dysfunctional family as a child ,
I started to notice not being able to handle certain situations or obstacles ,I was flustered at times and reacted spontaneously in a negative manner instantly regretting my actions ,including using alcohol at times to cope with life,
Since working with Bobby
My life has improved emencely, I'm clear in my thoughts, I'm focused and have a lot of energy.....
Simply put I live well

I'm in tune with how I'm feeling and am aware of my emotions ,I'm able to be present in all situations
With my family ,work place ,with the guy on the street
I really can say I have zest for life today
I give thanks to Gobind wellness and Bobby
For working with me week after week getting me to this beautiful place
Thanx again Bobby for all you do

- Mandip B

Gobind Wellness has literally changed my life! As I'm still taking sessions, I've learned a lot about myself and have started on a spiritual journey and it's all thanks to Bobby. He's thoughtful, understanding and has lots of patience. I highly recommend him as a coach! I'm looking forward to what else I can learn about myself and remain positive that Bobby can continue to show me how to live a better, positive life.

- Navi K