If you are someone who just can’t seem to sustain happiness in your life no matter what you do, then its time to explore what a Counselor can do for you!  

  • Expect to meet and discuss the reality of your life  
  • Expect to find barriers in your life that keep you from experiencing true happiness  
  • Expect to receive suggestions and an action plan to help remove those barriers  
  • Expect to work on your spiritual conditioning to help allow you to have a better connection with the universe   and become happy from within  
  • Expect to receive a fitness and nutritional plan outlined just for you  
  • Expect to receive a succession planning chart to help keep you on a timeline  
  • Expect to receive resources   

Most importantly.......  

  • Expect to see results!

Gobind Wellness Life Coach Services


Are you having difficulties in experiencing optimal wellness and adhering to your true potential?

Is your organization experiencing an increase in healthcare dollars, prolonged stress, high turnover and/or low employee engagement?

If the answer is yes, then take action and explore what Gobind Wellness can offer you or your organization.

Gobind Wellness counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.  Our team consists of Certified trained professionals who specialize in developing a solution to your Health & Wellness concerns. We specifically act as counsellors for individuals and health consultants for organizations.

Gobind Wellness Life Coach Services


We offer our clients the opportunity to search fearlessly within "self" and discover the psychological health barriers that disrupt personal growth & development. Furthermore, we explore the root causes of these barriers and present a deeper understanding of past "events." Often, individuals will not base their understanding on facts, instead, they base it on "created" stories of the mind. In turn, causing misunderstanding and/or resentments towards people, places and things.

Our existence should reflect our purpose, meaningful and positive. As most of us are presented with challenges and misfortunes, we should capitalize on these opportunities and take them as our fuel for emotional growth.  

-Bobby Bains

Gobind Wellness Life Coach Services


Whether you are looking for one to one counselling sessions with a Counsellor or a Health & Wellness department for your organization, we have fully certified counsellors that have proven to improve the health & wellness of our clients.

  • Registered Counsellors, certified Life Coaches and Health Consultants with years of experience
  • Complimentary Health &Wellness presentations specific to organizations
  • Complimentary plan of action presentation for organizations
  • No Contracts, No Setup Fees, No Hidden Costs