“Conquer your mind and conquer the world”

Recovery Counselling & Coaching

We help individuals & families navigate through the process of Recovery & Change.

Our team provide collaborative change, recovery and case management solutions including Recovery Counselling & Coaching, Interventions and Family Support.  Bobby Bains is one of Canada’s leading Recovery Counselor & Coach, being 9 years sober himself.

A recovery counselor & coach is a  specialist who provides as a personal guide and mentorship with the recovering individual and their family.  In addition, they provide strength-based support about life choices.  

The recovery counselor & coach will provide the individual with all the necessary counselling and coaching to ensure they are well equipped to deal with life on life’s terms without having to use substances as a coping/mood altering mechanism.


How Counselling Can Help

The main thing everyone searches for is relief, or rather calmness, of the mind.  This stillness can be reached with the support of a counsellor.

With life being so demanding, it can sometimes be challenging to process everything that is going on. As a result, an individual can be left feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Too much of anything is not good, and the same goes for the mind.

Prolonged stress, or the inability to fully process information in the mind, can lead to symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD

Gobind Wellness counsellors have specific training in dealing with the mental health issues mentioned above.  Furthermore, they design individual counselling programs, that take clients through a step by step process in addressing their problems, so that they can live more enriched lives.

How you perceive this world is based on how you have experienced it.

To see the world in a different lens you must work out the past and create new experiences.  This means, if you live a life full of control, anger, jealousy, envy, greed, etc. you will need to visit the past and see where those roots begin.  Once that discovery has been made, with the assistance of a counsellor, you can start the process of healing.

Life Coaching

How a Life Coach can help

The one thing that everyone is in pursuit of is “happiness,” no matter what they are doing in life; purchasing a home, purchasing a new car, getting into a relationship, having kids, getting promoted at work, starting a new business venture, etc. However, life teaches us all a valuable lesson.  Happiness can not be sustained from the things of the external world; those are always short lived.  In this respect, we are always searching for the next big thing.

This goes to show us, that happiness is actually found in our internal world, where it becomes an “inside job!” Once found internally, we seem to be always happy and content, no matter what the external circumstances.

There are 6 wellness components that make up this internal “happiness” that we strive for:

  • Physical/Fitness Wellness
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Spiritual Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness

When we don’t fulfill these internal wellness components, our minds start looking for them in the external world instead.


When the outside world does not meet our mind’s expectations and we are faced with a lack of control, ego, pride, unfulfilled desires, attachments, anger and resentments, we fall victim to mental health issues of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • And more

Looking for a transformational change or shift in mindset that will help you overcome your mental health issues and address them from the roots?

A Life Coach can help

Our certified Life Coaches specialize in this area, helping our clients to search for solutions to their problems from within.

Our life coaches have years of experience in helping our clients COMPLETELY overcome mental health issues and experience a positive solution-focused outcome.

We offer more than just overcoming your mental health issues, we offer:

  • Motivation
  • Self Confidence
  • Finding purpose
  • Clarity in Life
  • A Pathway for Success
  • A Shift in Focus
  • The Ability to Challenge Self
  • Personal Growth & 

How are you living your life?

Are you imprisoned in your mind’s thoughts or living in the realm of reality?  The difference is huge.  Individuals who are constantly living life in their thoughts are missing out on life itself.  REMEMBER, time is slipping away like a leak in a faucet.  Individuals who are living in the realm of reality have a much better positive experience and taste all the fruits of life.

Thoughts come from the subconscious part of the mind, which is the part of the brain that is out of our control.  It will present the conscious mind with over 60,000 thoughts in a day.  Imagine, if most of these thoughts are negative…this will of course impact how we feel and behave in the day.


Through our 8 session Wellness Program, we provide a step by step process in addressing the subconscious mind’s information center. We help our clients gain a better understanding on past experiences, overcome resentments, process past traumas and change the minds internal pathway of behavior and beliefs.  All this helps the mind let go and finally move forward with new information coming from new positive experiences.