Addictions Questionnaire

20 Quick Questions for You

1. Does your drinking or drug use cause you to have difficulties in sleeping?

2. Is drinking or drug use affecting your reputation? 

3. Do you lose time from work due to drinking or drug use? 

4. Do you drink or use drugs to build your self-confidence? 

5. Has your ambition decreased since drinking or using drugs? 

6. Have you ever felt remorse after drinking or drug use? 

7. Do you turn to lower companions and an inferior environment when drinking or using drugs? 

8. Does your drinking or drug use make you careless of your family’s welfare? 

9. Have you ever been in a hospital or institution on account of drinking or drug use? 

10. Do you crave a drink or a drug at a definite time daily? 

11. Do you drink or use drugs because you are shy with other people? 

12. Do you want a drink or drug the next morning? 

13. Have you gotten into financial difficulties as a result of your drinking or drug use? 

14. Has your efficiency decreased since drinking or using drugs? 

15. Is your drinking or drug use jeopardizing your job or business? 

16. Do you drink or use drugs to escape from worries or troubles? 

17. Do you drink or use drugs alone?


18. Have you ever had a complete loss of memory? 

19. Has your physician ever treated you for drinking or drug use? 

20. Is drinking or drug use making your home life unhappy? 

What's Your Score?

How many questions did you answer "YES?"

  • If you answered "YES" to 3 questions= You may have a drinking or drug problem but is not likely disturbing your relationships, work or personal life.
  • If you answered "YES" to 4-6 questions= You may be in an early stage of alcoholism or drug addiction and experiencing some anger, dishonesty, emotional outbursts, troubles within your home and/or work relationships.
  • If you answered "YES" to 7-10 questions= You may be in the second stage of alcoholism or drug addiction and experiencing the inability to grow in life, the repition of bad behaviours, piling up of problems, major disruption at home and/or at work, unmanageability, elevated anger and more dishonesty.
  • If you answered "YES" to more than 10 questions= You may be in the end- stage of alcoholism or drug addiction and experiencing the loss of relationships, the loss of work, inability to control your alcohol or drug usage, health concerns, isolation from friends and family, criminal activity (Ex. Drinking & Driving), fear, anxiety,  extreme dishonesty and/or anger.


-By Bobby Bains

Alcohol/Drug usage has become mainstream in society today.  Despite the  dangerous warnings of Alcohol/Drug consumption and the associated behaviors,  many drink/use drugs essentially because it makes them feel good. These feelings  are so exhilarating that it leaves people wanting more. 

 In today’s world, life gets busy! The typical parent has so much on the  go; they have bills to worry about, responsibilities at work,  responsibilities at home, child care, spouse care, appointments, and  activities.  And in addition to all these, they have mental health  issues of depression, anxiety, fear, resentments, and/or jealousy.  The  fact is, people are typically looking for a solution that would take the  edge off their minds and help them to actually find some joy out of  their day.

 Despite the fact that alcohol/drugs helps take the edge off of things, it also  brings along unhealthy risky behaviors.  Behaviors that can cost you  your relationships, finances, health, home, drivers license, freedom,  and most importantly, your life.    

 One can easily see this on paper... 

 If you want to see how alcohol has affected your life then journal all  the problems in your life and see whether they are at all associated  with the drink.  Has alcohol/drugs been present in all your affairs? Are you  able to stop with just one?  Are you downsizing to wine/marijuana because you have  bad experiences with hard liquor/drugs?  Have you tried searing off liquor/drugs in  the past?  Have you tried changing your friends or company?  Have you  been drinking alone? Have you tried changing your environment? Have you  tried reading inspirational books?  Have you tried stopping but found  some trivial reason to start again?  Did you have a bad experience and  forgot the humility that followed a year, a month or even a week later.   If you have answered yes to any of these, you may want to keep reading. 

 “In 2012, about 3.3 million deaths– 5.9% of all global deaths—were  attributable to alcohol consumption [2]. In 2013, an estimated 22  million Canadians, almost 80% of the population, reported that they  drank alcohol in the previous year” 

 “Impaired driving in Canada, 2015. Police reported 72,039 impaired  driving incidents in 2015, a rate of 201 incidents per 100,000  population. Of the total number of incidents, 122 were cases of impaired  driving causing death and 596 were cases of impaired driving causing  bodily harm.” 

Most are wondering, if not alcohol/drugs, then what is the solution to all our problems.

This can be best answered by the following illustration:

Take  a tree as an example.  The tree has the visual trunk and branches,  above ground.  Then, it has its roots implanted deep under ground.   Despite the many attempts in removing the tree from the surface level,  the roots will eventually always grow the same tree.

Our lives are  similar.  No matter how many times we try removing our surface problems  with surface solutions, our root causes will always regrow the same  surface problem.

Take any life challenge, if the challenge has  caused you to feel surface problems of depression, anxiety or anger and  you have chosen to take the surface solution of alcohol/drugs, since you have  not addressed the root cause of your emotions, you will drink/drug again.  

Alcohol/drugs will not solve any of your problems; it will only make you feel better for a short period of time.

You  may be asking, if surface problems are really not my problem then what  is?  You may also be curious to know what other solutions exist that are  sufficient enough to solve all your problems.  

What are my root problems that cause me to drink...

Most  life challenges will have a direct impact on one’s ego, pride, self  esteem, pocketbook, relationships, security and/or ambitions.  These are  considered to be root problems, as they have direct influence on ones  behaviors.  The problem arises when the individual does not work to  understand the life challenge and try working through the associated  emotions.  Instead, they try to minimize the problem by drinking  alcohol/doing drugs.  Overtime, these buried emotions give rise to the surface  problem of Addiction, which causes an emotional stunt in one’s emotional  growth.  As a result, the individual is unable to cope with life on  life’s terms without the drink/drug.

What would be a root solution to my drinking problem?

Here's Your Next Step!

To address the root causes of your addictions, you will need to  explore the psychological health barriers that keep causing you to  repeat old behaviors.  

This is best done with a Counselor / Life Coach from Gobind Wellness

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